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Our Company

Our directors saw a need in Wellington for an alternative to the existing foreign owned welding supply companies. So in March 2008, Global Welding Supplies Wellington Ltd was started with a focus on local industry.

We entered into partnership with Global Welding NZ Ltd from Auckland. We gained an extensive product range, added technical expertise, a distribution network and a well respected name.

Since then we have greatly expanded our product and services offerings.  We now have partner or supply agreements with all the other leading welding supply companies in NZ.

We deliver a quality service, with an extensive product range catering for all welding applications both common and uncommon.


We pride ourselves on our range of oddball but at times critical items, which the big box stores rarely carry. We have a reputation for reliability when it counts, our competitors regularly send us their customers for items they no longer stock.

From scratch Global Welding Supplies Wellington Ltd has built an ever expanding base of loyal customers.

We are proudly 100% NZ Owned and NZ Operated.

We look forward to the new challenges that will arise from Wellington’s constantly evolving welding industry.

Our Team

Colin Gamble
Qualified 1981 Engineer
Thirty four years experience in the engineering and welding industry.

Call: 027 455 8898 / Email: coling@globalweld.co.nz


Rex Andrews
Sales Person
Thirty three years experience in the welding industry.

Call: 022 043 0493 / Email: rexa@globalweld.co.nz


Our Brands



Our Products

Our product range includes:

  • Machines; Arc, Mig, Tig and Plasma.
  • Gas Equipment; Torches, Cutting attachments, Regulators, FBA’s, Hoses, Tips and Accessories.
  • Welding consumables; Mig wire, Tig rods, Silver rods, Gas rods, and Arc electrodes.
  • Hard Facing; Wires, Rods and Electrodes.
  • Welding Accessories and Spares; Mig, Tig, Arc, Plasma.
  • Safety; Eye-wear, Respiration, Gloves, Clothing, Helmets.
  • Abrasives; Grinding, Cutting, Polishing, Finishing.
  • Chemicals; Anti-Spatter(aerosol and liquid), Cold & Bright Galv, Fluxes, Pickling paste, Penetrant and Developer
  • Air Compressors; Single and Three phase.
  • EziSwap own your own gas cylinders; Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon, Argon/CO2 Mix, CO2, Nitrogen, Beer Mixes.